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Pictures of Punk Girls

Checkout these cute punk rock girls from around the world.

punk-girlsCouple of cute latina punk girls seen in Tianjin Mexico

punk-girls33 ladies with a flare for the punk style in this photo

punk-girls4Punk girl with large colorful chest tattoo

punk-girls5Two hardcore punk chicks with great hairstyles

Punk Hairstyle Photos

If you are considering getting punk hair in the year 2009 you have came to the right spot. On our blog you can read all about punk fashion, history of punk and a lot of different punk things. One of the interesting things to read on our punk blog is about punk hair. So how will punk hair look like in the year 2009. We believe there will be no mayor differences from past years. So here are some great punk hair pictures for which we believe that will be similar to punk hair in 2009.

Punk hair pictures

Sid Vicious Hairstyle

sid-viciousIt’s Sid Vicious. The dead one from the Sex Pistols who was engaged to the Ugly One. Y’know the ugly, ugly one he ended up murdering with plastic fork. Emulating his hairstyle shouldn’t be too difficult, just don’t wash your hair for the next 10 years. You might want to pray for a seagull to take a shat on your head. The more often this happens the more pronounced the effect will be.

Johnny Rotten Hairstyle

johnny-rottenHere’s Johnny during his “Gaunt Irish Zombie” period. Rotten never seemed to plan anything and I’m sure his choice of hairstyle was not his own, rather his beds. Or more like the park bench’s going by the evidence of this picture. Still though it shows a lot more character than a lot of other so called punks. Argh!!! That picture is actually quite freaky! Try to stare him in the eyes for a few moments. Jesus……..I’m enthralled by the texture of his hair. It doesn’t know what it wants to do.